• Written by Clo Nickel

Therapists Favorite Therapeutic Techniques

Therapists often end their session with this question:

“Is there anything you would like to take away from today?”

Takeaways often include insights, a summarized version of a therapeutic technique that the client would like to remember; and homework that the therapist assigns for the client to practice between sessions.

This blog is going to encompass both therapists and clients favorite takeaways for anyone to use in their everyday life. These takeaways will be a condensed version of a therapeutic intervention that zeros in on its core therapeutic value. The blogs will also include a mantra (a short sentence to focus your intention), and potentially life-changing practices.

The therapeutic techniques in these blogs are almost always evidence-based and have a proven efficacy. They are not just “good ideas” or “new-age” renderings.

From my experience, when teachings are reduced to bite-sized portions, they are easier to understand, remember and benefit from. Therefore, do not underestimate the healing potential of these simplified versions…they are designed to function as therapy to go!


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